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Category - gluten free products

Eid 2022: Full Eid Menu & Idea’s To Make Your Eid-ul-adha Celebrations Delicious

Frozen Food, gluten free products, Snacks

Eid is extensively recognized and enjoyed around the world and UAE. Millions of Muslim households invite friends and relatives to their places to rejoice on this blessed day. Eid is a holiday unlike any other, and food plays…

Gluten-free products you can enjoy all-day

gluten free products

Gluten-free = variety of healthy yet tasty products   Hello World! By the time you are reading this blog, you might already know about the recent outbreak of activity in our gluten-free department. If you don’t, over the…

History for gluten Free

Blogger, gluten free products

 History of gluten free started In 1940s, that’s when gluten free was discovered. Dr. Willem-Karel Dicke, a Dutch pediatrician, noticed that fewer children with celiac disease were suffering symptoms during wartime than before the war, when the disease…

Recipe for Arabic Pita Bread [gluten Free]

bake, gluten free products

It’s no wonder we’ve fallen for Recipe for Arabic Pita Bread [gluten Free] baking .Arabic food is always seasonal inspired by ingredients, yet simple at heart This homemade Recipe for Pita Arabic bread[Gluten free] is easy to make…


gluten free products, let us together learn more about bread

GLUTEN FREE Importance of gluten free food Gluten free is a product found in wheat ,barley and rye, acting as a binding agent to improve the cohesion of ingredients  and the retention of water, unlike other dietary lifestyles…