Eid is extensively recognized and enjoyed around the world and UAE. Millions of Muslim households invite friends and relatives to their places to rejoice on this blessed day. Eid is a holiday unlike any other, and food plays a significant role in our celebrations.

The celebrations typically include an Eid menu, luxurious meals, and desserts, thus the day before the event may be demanding for those entertaining.

In this blog post, we have come up with full Eid menu ideas to make things easier for you. These Eid food ideas will help you enjoy time with your guests and family rather than cooking in the kitchen.

Best Eid Menu for Eid 2022

Frozen Foods

What comes to your mind when you need quick, convenient, and easy meals for Eid? Frozen food is the answer. These foods have more shelf life and can be easily stocked up as compared to other food items.

Frozen foods in UAE include a wide range of meals for individuals of all preferences and requirements. It includes frozen chicken samosas to spring rolls and mini rosti pickets to meat kibbeh.

Frozen Food For Eid

All you have to do is take the frozen food out of the freezer, deep fry it for a couple of minutes and avoid the cooking fatigue this Eid. The long-lasting taste and aroma of frozen foods will make your guests explore a whole new range of flavors.

When it comes to the nutritional value of frozen food, the foods are harvested at the peak of freshness and then immediately frozen, which implies they may contain more nutrients. So, you don’t have to worry about the freshness and nutritional value while selecting food items for your Eid menu.

Gluten-free Products

Gluten-free products are also a great option to consider when it comes to serving your guests on Eid. The food products in this category ensure more health benefits as compared to other products. Such products don’t include any junk foods and eliminate all the unwanted calories.

Gluten-free Products for Eid

If you are planning for eid celebration food, try considering Arabic bread, artisan bread, or English muffins to serve your guests. The health benefits of gluten-free products include relieving the digestive system, reducing chronic inflation, boosting energy levels, or even helping you reduce weight.

Note: Gluten free diet is not a good choice for those who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity issues.


Have you ever met an individual who doesn’t like crispy and crusty snacks? The answer would be a big NO because we haven’t. The crispy and delicious snacks with perfect bite size should be your first choice to consider for Eid menu ideas.

If you’re looking for an incredibly quick and simple meal, give them a try! They are incredibly easy to make, and they are perfectly brown and crunchy when fried. With these samosas that are stuffed with vegetables, you can even enjoy a vegan dinner.

Snacks for Eid

You could make a large batch of these to serve at a party or use them for a casual meal. Also, don’t underestimate the dipping sauce! Samosas could possibly be made a little quicker in the microwave but you wouldn’t get the same crunchy, golden coating that comes from using an air fryer.

Gluten Free Cakes

Try some delicious and tasty gluten-free cakes on your Eid food menu to cheer up the celebrations. There are several gluten-free cakes available to ease the process. These cakes are 100% gluten-free and 200% tasty and delicious to make your events memorable.

Gluten-free cakes for Eid

Don’t brutally murder your dessert cravings if you have gluten sensitivity. Try our wide range of gluten-free desserts that include walnut cake, brown loaf, or dark choco chunk cookie, and let your taste buds explore the hidden flavors.


Eid is a happy and joyous time! The most important part of any party or festival is the food. Make your eid gathering memorable with the high-quality food products that are made with love and care. Try out frozen foods, tea-time snacks, or gluten-free products in your Eid menu ideas and serve your guests the best.