Frozen pizza

Have you ever gone hungry while at home and the moment you check your fridge or freezer, you can only find products that you need to cook which will take a whole niche of your time, starting from preparing. Why not make your schedule easier and order a frozen mini pizza online from breadonus. 


Below is some of the reason why you should consider frozen pizza

  • Pizza it’s a quick and easy meal
  • Frozen pizza is less expensive that from a restaurant
  • Frozen pizza has a long shelf life and you can keep it in the freezer
  • Frozen pizza is a good option for family and friend


frozen pizza

frozen pizza

We offer a variety of Mini pizza


Frozen food products have a significant market share; the growth of the frozen food industry is influenced by socioeconomic changes and technological developments. One of the main reasons of freezing preservation is the convenience and ease of food with maximum impact on food quality

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