Gluten-free = variety of healthy yet tasty products


Hello World!

By the time you are reading this blog, you might already know about the recent outbreak of activity in our gluten-free department. If you don’t, over the past few months we have welcomed gluten-free products at our online store like Arabic bread, artisan baguette, bread rolls, various cake ranges, bagels, croissants, panini, etc. Nutritious, delicious & tempting, they’re such exciting additions to our line. We pride ourselves on having something tasty and healthy at the same time, which is why we redoubled our gluten-free products range. 

To follow a gluten-free diet, you need to understand what gluten is?

What is Gluten:

Gluten is a group of proteins that are found in certain grains, such as wheat, rye, and barley. It allows food to maintain its proper shape by offering elasticity & moisture. It also permits bread to rise, fluff & provides a chewy texture to it. Although gluten is safe for many people, those who are suffering from conditions like celiac disease or gluten sensitivity should avoid it to avert unfavorable health effects. Many foods contain gluten as ingredients, so it’s important for those who are unable to have it should closely check ingredient labels before consuming it.

For this reason, Bread ous introduced a complete range of gluten-free products for the health of many people. 


For the early hours

Enjoy our vast range of gluten-free cakes, croissants, bread, etc. in your breakfast. Your fast-track passes to the best mornings, our products are packed safely and take just a few minutes to get prepared. 

For the rest of the day

Our lunch and dinner options: we’ve got other options that are not only healthy but tasty & delicious as well. Our latest batch of gluten-free products brings layers of happiness, ease & convenience to your table.

The bottom line

If you avoid gluten, there are various foods on our website you can select from to ensure a well-balanced diet. Many healthy foods are naturally gluten-free, like fruits, vegetables, legumes, certain whole grains, dairy products, oils, fresh meat, fish, and poultry.

Wheat, rye, & barley are those major foods that should be avoided while following a gluten-free diet. Gluten is also commonly added to processed foods, like canned & boxed items. They should also be strictly avoided.

But, just because you’re following a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy great products! Success with a gluten-free diet comes down as a result of closely double-checking ingredient labels, as gluten is mostly added to foods that you wouldn’t expect. Foods that contain gluten will be labeled as such.

Furthermore, if you focus on eating mostly fresh, whole, gluten-free foods & very little amount of processed foods, you will face no problem following a gluten-free diet.