Frozen food may sound crazy because there is a tremendous variety of frozen products out in the market today that is unhealthy, unsatisfying, or filled with various preservatives. Due to which the entire frozen industry is defamed.

Think about it for a minute!

When was the last time you truly relished or enjoyed while eating a frozen meal?

But when we at Bread onus started gathering information, we realized that things don’t have to be that way. Frozen food, at least the right kind, can be extremely healthy and beneficial for our environment, our bodies, and our lives apart from being delicious.

Our forever love for frozen food can help change this misconception that it can change our food system and our lives. That’s the main reason we created our frozen range that is not only delicious but healthy as well. Here are some of the discoveries that drove us forward in our journey to start this company and kept us honored to call ourselves Dubai’s#1 frozen company to this day.

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To proceed further, we need to understand that what frozen food is?

Frozen foods are those food items that quickly freezes and are kept frozen until it is not being consumed. Freezing food preservers help the food from getting spoiled and contaminated. It converts the moisture present in the food to the ice and averts the growth of bacteria, which slows down the decomposition process. There are mainly two processes of freezing food, one is mechanical, and the other one is cryogenic, also called flash freezing. To maintain the quality and standard of the food products, freezing kinetics are very essential. In quick freezing, smaller ice crystals are formed, which conserve the cellular structure. The fastest method being used these days for freezing is cryogenic freezing as in this process, a low liquid nitrogen temperature of -196 °C (that is -320 °F) is required.

The main reasons why frozen food is the future?

Frozen food is on the rise, estimated to reach $376.95 billion by 2025.

Let’s find out why its demand is increasing so rapidly and what it means for your package manufacturing process.

  • Convenience

As millennials drive frozen food demand, one of the major causes for their liking is its convenience. This type of food allows customers to have a complete ready-to-eat meal without taking the time out of their busy schedules. The healthy, on-the-go, grabbing snacks and single-serving containers, frozen food fits millennials’ needs for fast and comfortable eating.

  • Reduction of waste

Millennials are also increasingly conscious of the wastage of food items. Every year, about 1/3 of the food produced for human consumption lands up in junk piles. Food that can be kept for prolonged periods in the freezer allows millennials to reduce food waste and help the environment.

  • High nutritional values

In addition to convenience and waste reduction, millennials also tend to choose healthy food options. Food business owners are taking advantage of this, assuring that their healthy food alternatives can also be stored in the freezer aisle. These items include frozen microwaveable quinoa, frozen falafel, chicken kibbeh, and much more
Moreover, frozen food products like fruits and vegetables remain as fresh as non-frozen food items. This is because these products get frozen at the peak of their freshness, ensuring to deliver the same amount of excellent nutritional quality and standard.

Smart Frozen Food Packaging Adhesives

As brand owners in the food industry are capitalizing on increasing demand for frozen food, it’s essential to make the best use of adhesives that are specifically designed to match the freezer conditions and can enhance overall packaging aesthetics.

Bread onus, the best bakery in Dubai, delivers an exceptional range of adhesives for both case and carton sealing as well as label applications that:

  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Fulfill a variety of substrates
  • Minimize overall costs

At Bread onus, one of the best bakery shops in Dubai, we completely understand how hard and complicated it can be to find the ideal and nutritious options that match your specified needs and fits into your busy schedule. That’s why all of our frozen products are healthy, 100% free of artificial flavors & preservatives, and provide bountiful servings of vegetables.
For so long, frozen food has been stuck in the dark ages, that’s why we’re on an expedition to shed new light on this misconception of food and all the potential it holds.

Because let’s admit it: when it’s healthy, convenient, and heavenly delicious, what’s not to love about?