Nutritious Health benefits of sweets

Sweets are a typical course that concludes meals, they can also be referred as dessert, they can
apply into many confections such as biscuits, cakes, cookies, pastries, pudding etc. Fruits are also
commonly found in dessert courses because of there natural occurring sweetness. Sweets add a nutritious benefits in our bodies. Sweets can be
served at a room temperature. Also warm, hot, chilled or frozen. Sweetness flavor is appealing.

Nutritious Benefits Of Sweet may sound contradictory .Sweets increases our production of the so called happy
hormones. The more we reach for after dinner desserts, the more used to the sugar our bodies
get, that means the more the sweet snacks during the day. Unfortunately frequent Ingestion of
sweets can be harmful to your health. According to food scientist, they say that our appetite fades
after we eat much of the same type of food .As we eat the savory course, we rapidly reduce our
hunger pangs and become full the pleasure of the first course has passed. Nutritious Benefits Of Sweet

healthy sweets


Reasons why you should take sweets

✓ It put you in a good mood
✓ It makes life more enjoyable
✓ It lowers your blood pressure
✓ It can prevent a stroke

Health Importance of sweets consumption
Balance Diet:
✓ Sweet desserts are not only delicious, but it helps you keep a balanced diet. Eating
healthy doesn’t means only eating tons of vegetables ,in facts sweets can actually make
you receive your daily amount of the required nutrients
Overall Health and weight gain
✓ Sweets are not only delicious but can help improve your overall health and weight ,in a
study obese participate who ate breakfast high rich in protein and carbohydrates that
included a dessert ,were able to keep the diet and keep the ponds off
Makes life happier
✓ Foods that have naturally high percentage of carbohydrates help the body produce
chemicals such as serotonin that contribute to overall emotional well being ,
✓ Indulging in your favorite sweets alters your mind and body in positive ways.
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