Pakistani ANWAR DATOL MANGO (4 TO 5 KG )


Our each basket of mango packed with care as we are delivering a gift basket to you and your love one’s. Extremely Fresh, Cleaned and well sorted mango. Each basket has 12 To 15 QTY.

You trustfully can order for your family and friends as best gift of fresh mango basket to get Vitamin A naturally.

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It is a small mango and sweet as sin. A variation of the mango that was implanted in Pakistan and has become very popular there. Its flavor is the main reason for its popularity- this mango is sometimes known as the mini-sized powerhouse. A small sized ratol delivers so much mango richness, flavor and sweetness that enthusiasts wait feverishly for this mango all year round. It is extensively grown in the Sindh region and the Punjab province of Pakistan.

This mango generally has 2 variations. The early season variety is super-sensitive, fragile and prone to the elements, but is also the most preferred and sweet of the two varieties. However the season for this variety is very short and fraught with anxiety- typically a few weeks in May and June. The late season variety has a thicker skin, is less sweet but equally fragrant and is more stable than the early season variety. This is available in July and August.The overall season for Anwar Ratol is from June to August.


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